Guidelines for Presenters


Please find below some potentially useful material to assist you in preparing a presentation for BioEM 2022. Papers are to be presented in two basic formats: Oral and Poster Presentations. Below you will find specific information concerning these two formats.

If for any reason you find yourself unable to present your paper, please try to arrange for someone else to present it. If nobody is available to present your work, you must notify the Technical Program Committee (TPC) Chairs well ahead of time (at If the presentation does not take place, the corresponding abstract will be removed from the online abstract book.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the BioEM 2022 conference will be a hybrid conference, with some people physically attending in Nagoya and other people attending online. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) delivers the onsite video streaming and online conference platform.

Photos or video recording by the audience are strictly prohibited. However, the LOC will record all the oral sessions on Zoom and allow the registrants to view the recorded videos (with password protection) until the end of July 2022.

1. Presentation materials

All the presenters at BioEM 2022 are required to prepare their presentation materials, some of which should be submitted to the LOC beforehand. The LOC will provide a Dropbox link for presenters to transmit the electronic files around the beginning of June 2022.
During and after the conference, the following materials will be viewable for the BioEM 2022 registrants until the end of July 2022 (with password protection):
a) Oral Sessions Recorded on Zoom (mp4)
b) Electronic Poster Presentations (PDF)

However, all the presentation materials collected by the LOC, as well as the session videos recorded during the conference, will be completely destroyed and unavailable after August 1, 2022.

The following table summarizes necessary files for each presentation style. The deadline for submissions of materials through Dropbox is 11:00 AM on June 16, 2022 (UTC+9).

 Presenters should be at…Presentation materials (ppt or PDF) should be…Printed poster(s) should be…Electronic poster(s) (PDF with corresponding author’s email address) should be…Pre-recorded presentation video (MP4)…
Oral Presenter (onsite) (see 2.1)Conference Venuebrought in by presenter in person (or can be uploaded to Dropbox beforehand).–.
Oral Presenter (online) (see 2.2)Zoom Platformshared on Zoom platform.should be uploaded to Dropbox beforehand. (maximum 11 minutes for regular oral)
Poster Presenter (onsite) (see 3.1)Conference Venueprinted and brought in by the presenter in person.uploaded to Dropbox beforehand.
Poster Presenter (online) (see 3.2)Zoom Platformshared on Zoom platform.uploaded to Dropbox beforehand.
Student Flash Presenter (onsite) (see 4.1)Conference Venuebrought in by presenter in person (or can be uploaded to Dropbox beforehand). (maximum 3 slides)
Student Flash Presenter (online) (see 4.2)Zoom Platformshared on Zoom platform. (maximum 3 slides)should be uploaded to Dropbox beforehand. (maximum 2 minutes)

2. Oral Presentations for speakers (including invited speakers)

Invited speakers presenting in Plenaries, Tutorials, and Workshops should check their time slots in the program book. Regular oral presentations have been allocated a 15-minutes time slot. These 15-minutes must include the presentation, questions, and transitioning to the next speaker. It is recommended that speakers plan on an 11-minute presentation to allow for questions, discussion and transition (4 minutes). There will be an online platform for questions and answers. It is important to strictly adhere to this schedule as most oral presentations are scheduled in parallel sessions.

2.1 Oral speakers attending physically in Nagoya

Onsite oral speakers can give presentations at the conference venue.

Each meeting room will be equipped with a personal computer to accommodate PowerPoint and PDF presentation formats. There will be a designated contact person coordinating the upload of your presentation file in your session room. Please coordinate with this person to upload your presentation preferably the day before, or during the break before your session at the latest. (As for presentations on Monday, June 20, you can access the session room computers from 18:30 to 19:30 on Sunday the 19th.) Presenters are strongly encouraged to verify that their presentation materials have been uploaded properly on the on-site equipment. Presentation materials can be loaded via USB flash drive. Some of you may prefer uploading your presentation materials through the Dropbox link provided by the LOC prior to the conference.

Arrive at your session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session and familiarize yourself with the audio-visual equipment.

All oral presenters are expected to support their presentation with a corresponding slideshow. The slides should be prepared in either PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX) or PDF format to ensure maximum compatibility with the equipment available on-site. Videos should either be embedded into the slides, or, if linked, be contained in the same folder of the main presentation document, and not linked to any online file with network access.

You can use your own computer to project your slides, if you want. In such a case, prior to the session, install the Zoom application and access a corresponding Zoom meeting, just like you are presenting online. Both wired LAN and WiFi are available in the meeting room. Share your slides on the Zoom application. You do not have to connect video cables (HDMI or VGA) to the computer. The slides are projected to the screen in the meeting room from another computer which the LOC prepares and connects to Zoom meeting. The slides are delivered also to online participants. Your voice is collected using a microphone operated by the organizers. You must select “Leave Computer Audio” from the audio popup menu (See a screenshot below). This is necessary for avoiding unintended audio feedback. Even if you use your own computer, the slides should be uploaded to the designated computer at the conference venue for backup purpose.

2.2 Oral speakers attending remotely

Online oral speakers can give presentations by accessing a Zoom meeting corresponding to the session. Each speaker can choose either playing a pre-recorded talk video or making a live presentation. The pre-recorded video is streamed by an operator in the conference venue. Video streaming is recommended if your internet connection is not always stable. If you make a live presentation, share your slides from your own computer. You should turn your camera on during your presentation so that audience sees your face. All the online speakers, whether live presentation or video streaming, are required to upload a pre-recorded talk to the Dropbox link provided by the LOC for backup purpose.

Also, please note that online oral speakers are requested to access the Zoom platform at the time of the session and prepare for questions, even if you wish to use your video recording.

Instructions for recording your talks:
・ All files must be in MP4 Format.
・ You can easily record your presentation using a Zoom function. Start a Zoom meeting by yourself with no one else logging in, and click “Record” and start your talk. After you finish your presentation, stop recording, and then an MP4 file will be saved on your computer.
Microsoft PowerPoint has a recording function as well, which may be as easy as Zoom recording.
・ Video length: 11 minutes for regular oral presentations.
・ Slideshow should be recorded with presenter’s face displayed in the corner of the screen so that the material presented is not hidden behind the recording of the presenter.
・ Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (or 4:3) Landscape
・ The LOC will provide a Dropbox link for your uploads. It is important the file name consists of your session ID, your presentation order in the session, and your last name, separated by underscores (example: S01_1_Wang). The session code and the presentation order are shown in the program book.

Tips for recording audio/video:
・ Use an area as quiet as possible.
・ Avoid areas that have echo.
・ A good headset with a microphone set close to your mouth BUT away from direct line of mouth to reduce “pops”. Try to avoid using default, built-in microphones on your computer, if possible.

3. Poster Presentations

Poster Sessions are an important part of the BioEM 2022 conference and allow for immediate and effective communication between all those interested in specific subjects, actions or programs. Posters should be carefully designed and prepared to ensure their full impact. The physical poster will be mounted on a dedicated board in the 6th-floor Exhibition Hall at the conference venue. Online posters will be presented on Zoom meeting. Each online poster presenter will be assigned to one breakout room.

Poster Sessions are scheduled on Monday and Thursday from 16:30 to 18:00 respectively, with physical posters and online posters simultaneously presented. The first 45 minutes (16:30-17:15) will be a core time for physical posters. Presenters of physical posters must stand in front of their posters during this core time. In the meantime, online presenters can either present their posters or visit other posters (Physical posters are available in an electronic format). Online audience can send e-mails to physical poster presenters for making questions. The second 45 minutes (17:15-18:00) will be a core time for online posters. Presenters of online posters must stay in their breakout rooms during this core time. Onsite presenters can either present their posters or visit other physical and online posters.
The aim or setting these core times is to facilitate interactions between physical and online participants. Audience is expected to visit physical posters during the first core time and visit online posters during the second core time. Physical participants can access the Zoom meeting using WiFi in the conference venue.

3.1 Poster presenters attending physically in Nagoya

Onsite poster presenters must present their poster during the poster session detailed above, as usual. Presenters must also upload a PDF of the poster to the Dropbox link provided by the LOC before the conference starts. The PDF files of poster presentations will be uploaded to the online platform and viewable for the BioEM 2022 audience. In the PDF of your poster, show an e-mail of the corresponding author clearly for receiving questions from online audience.

Instructions for electronic posters uploaded to the designated website:
・ PDF format
・ Corresponding authors email address should be shown.

At the conference venue, a single-sided board in portrait format (height 210 cm x width 90 cm) will be available for each presenter to attach their poster. You are advised to limit your poster size to 120 cm (height) x 90 cm (width) (A0 size is preferable) but you should consider the margins of the board. Push-pins for mounting posters will be provided by the organizers. The boards will be numbered to correspond to poster numbers in the Program, with student posters clearly identified.

Onsite poster presenters should be present at their posters for the duration of their core time to discuss their work and answer questions, as there will be a flux of attendees.

Mounting: Presenters can mount their posters during the following hours, but the poster setup must be finished by 15:00 on Monday, June 20.
June 19 (Sun.): from 15:00 to 18:00
June 20 (Mon.): from 8:00 to 15:00
Each board will be marked with the poster number, as indicated in the final program.
There will be help on Sunday and Monday and material ready for mounting.
Removal: Posters must be removed by the presenters themselves between 18:00 and 19:00 on Thursday, June 23.

3.2 Poster presenters attending remotely

Online poster presenters can show their electronic posters in individual Zoom breakout rooms. Prepare your poster in PowerPoint or PDF format, and share it on the designated Zoom platform. You should also upload the PDF file of your poster presentation through the Dropbox link provided by the LOC prior to the conference.

Online poster presenters should access a Zoom meeting corresponding to the session. In the main meeting room, you should be able to find your “breakout room” with the indication of your presentation ID. Select the breakout room, go in there, and wait for audience to come in.

When you present your poster to audience, it is recommended to give a short overview explanation first in one minute with your poster shared through Zoom, and then to let the audience make questions. Do NOT make a long explanation because audience may want to visit as many posters as possible. You should turn your camera on when you have audience in your breakout room so that the audience sees your face. Make your presentation as interactive as possible, carefully watching the audience’s response.

Instructions for posters for online presentation:
・ PDF format (PowerPoint is also acceptable for your presentation in a breakout room)
・ Corresponding authors email address should be shown.

4. Student Flash Poster Sessions

All student posters will also be presented at “Student Flash Poster Sessions,” which will take place in the Large Hall on Monday and Thursday from 15:30 to 16:30, followed by the main “Poster Sessions.” Student presenters should prepare for their communication carefully (in English). Each presenter will have 2 minutes to present 3 slides maximum for the flash presentation (discussions will follow afterwards at the main Poster Session). You should introduce yourself in the beginning of the presentation and point out the main findings of your work. Hence the presentation should not include new material that is not shown on your poster. The chairs will call up the next presenter after the 2 minutes are over and you must leave the podium.

4.1 Student flash presenters attending physically in Nagoya

Onsite student flash presenters can give presentations at the conference venue.

Instructions on how to upload your presentation materials into the session room computer are the same as those for “onsite oral presenters” (see 2.1). In the student flash session, however, you are not allowed to connect your own computer to the projection system in order for the next presenter to begin his/her presentation immediately after you.

4.2 Student flash presenters attending remotely

Online student flash presenters can give presentations through Zoom platform.

Instructions on how to give presentations are the same as those for “online oral presenters” (see 2.2), and you can choose either playing a pre-recorded talk video or making a live presentation. However, the pre-recorded video must be 2 minutes at the longest.